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Welcome to the boring blog of me.

Over the past few years I have been a traveling photographer. I take pictures of the scenes around me and I meet wonderful people from around the world. Some of the places I’ve been to include: Japan, Thailand, Korea, Russia, Italy, and England.

I go from place to place staying with friends, family, and at odd hotels, motels, and hostels in the darkest corners of the world. I’ve photographed all of it and all of it has been beautiful.

This blog is going to be about my life in general, not just photography. I’ll talk about the interesting people that cross my path, as well as the general interests that cross my mind.

Join me on this journey. It’s just begun.

Trip To Shuri Castle

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shuriOne of my greatest trips has been one to Okinawa, Japan – the land of the rising sun. What a beautiful place that is. I flew over there on an invitation from my brother who worked on Kadena Air Force Base. When I got there, it looked like many of the air force bases I have seen growing up. However, when we went off the base, the marvels of the culture sank in.

We traveled to the gorgeous Shuri Castle. This place had history written all over it. From the beautiful arches, to the grand entrance, the colors mesmerized me. While marching up the walkways, I saw an Okinawan lady dressed in a traditional gown who I was able to snap a shot of.

The day was a good, so we were able to walk leisurely outside. While walking through the place we saw huge stone walls snake across the entire perimeter. The edges of the stone were worn. Some parts were even crumbling. If it weren’t for the vast history that might be destroyed, i’d say that they could use some renovations to it.

Before going inside, we stopped for lunch. I had brought a juiced meal with me. I can thank the people at Sound Body Life for all of their juicing tips.

After the break, we took a stroll inside the place where we were treated to elegant wall designs and art work. The art was very well preserved and was some of the best I have seen. The deep red on the walls mixed perfectly with the gold drawings that were placed on top of them.

Deeper on the inside, was the shrine. The trim and gold on the inside looked well deserving of a king or emperor. I wanted to get closer up and touch it. However, everything was blocked off so that we had to keep our distance. I took a knee to get the perfect shot of the place with my camera.

On our way out we weaved back through the painted rooms and stone walls. It was like a dream. If only we had more places like this in the US…