Advantages Of A Slate Roof

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Slate roofs are one of your options if you are going to put a new roof on your home. Slate is a material that provides many advantages, but there are the disadvantages, too. In many ways, you are going to see one major disadvantage pitted against a variety of different benefits. The big disadvantage to a slate roof is its price. So you also need to look into other styles of roofing to see if you can get many of the same benefits for a cheaper price. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of slate tile roofing so that you can decide for yourself what’s going to be your best option.

One of the biggest advantages is that slate tile roofs look really nice. Have you seen one before? Compare them to other types of roof styles, and then you can decide for yourself what looks best. Can you get a roof that looks just as good for a cheaper price? Now you see more about why I’m saying that many of the disadvantages to slate tiles are going to be whether or not you can get the same benefit for less money.

Not only do slate tiles look really nice, but they are also long lasting. Their durability is one of the chief reasons they cost so much money. Did you know that slate tiles are also fireproof? That’s always nice of course, and another benefit is that the slate is environmentally friendly. Back to durability for a moment. How long do you think a slate tile roof lasts? Let’s just say that you shouldn’t ever have to replace your roof again.

In fact, slate tiles have been known to last up to 150 years. Did you know that slate is also known for helping provide better insulation for a home? That’s true, and it helps to know that you can possibly lower your energy bill when having a slate tile roof installed. Of course, that doesn’t exactly help offset the costs. Now let’s look at more of the disadvantages so that you can see what to expect.

Price was mentioned. How much do you think a slate roof is going to cost you? You could be paying anywhere from about $1k to $6k per square. Another disadvantage to these slate tiles is that they can cause problems during installation if you don’t have a roofer that is highly experienced with slate roofing and knows what they’re doing. Working with slate roofs requires a different knowledge and toolset than a concrete tiled roof. That disadvantage can be negated if you just simply make sure that you hire a qualified roofer that is used to working with that type of material.

Slate tiles are also very heavy, so that is considered to be another disadvantage. Weigh the pros and cons, and decide whether or not you are going to want to get a slate tile roof installed on your home. Then you can determine what’s best, and you can get your new roof. A slate roof would be really nice, but that price is one drawback.