Choosing The Perfect Shower

The shower is an element of the bathroom in your home that plays a very specific role. However, the main difference is that the showers available today tend to come with a much larger purpose than just being a place where you take a few moments to wash up either at the beginning or the end of your day. There are many homeowners that are starting to look for a shower that gives a spa-like experience that can be enjoyed whenever they like.

Before you dive into any sort of remodeling or bathroom build project, it is best to do some research so that you know the available options, including:

Mixer – A mixer shower will use both a cold and hot water supply. They work by mixing the water within the unit as it makes it through the showerhead. This type of a shower is a good option for a home that has a large hot water cylinder or combination boiler because they will rely on hot water that is readily available. You can also add a pump should you have low water pressure.

Electric – With an electric shower, the water is heated on demand and comes from the cold water supply. The water passes through a heating element in the shower unit. These are generally a bit bulkier than a mixer shower and you will need an electric supply that is a high capacity to be able to run from the fuse box to a dedicated unit.

Digital. A digital shower us controlled using a panel that is set up within a close radius of the shower. The panel communicates information to the power unit to adjust the water temperature and flow. This option can come as a mixer or electric variation and you can even operate them using a remote control.

Thermostatic – This option is made to prevent scalding or freezing risk whenever someone turns on another tap in the home or flushes the toilet. You simply set the temperature and your mixer will automatically put out the right amounts of cold and hot water as needed.

Whether you are doing a new home build and you are looking for a shower oasis, walk-in shower, or a combination bathtub and shower, there are plenty of options. Taking the time to know which shower suits your needs best will help you to have the ultimate setup in your home for amazing showers with each use.