Four Natural Properties Of Slate

Slate has four top natural properties.

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By Slate roofing Sydney

1. The incomparable beauty of Slate.

If you have ever worked with slate before, then you will know that it comes in various colours to choose from. Welsh slate is renowned for its variety of colours and smooth sheen that is a characteristic of all slate – and is the result of the compression of microscopic materials over millions of years.

Name after the quarries where the slate is found Cwt-y-Bugail Dark Blue Grey, Penrhyn Heather Red and Penrhyn Heather Blue are all well-known examples of slate colours. However, slate from Spain and Canada are popular as well and have their own colourations.

2. The watertight protection of slate

Slate starts out as a muddy, fine silt of materials which include pyrite and quartz that form into micas under millions of years worth of pressure. They have a structure that enables them to separated into sheets through ‘cleaving’ the rock. The minerals are packed together tightly, which makes slicked of slate be impervious to water. A slate roof will remain watertight no matter how much rain it experienced. That is probably why so many people who are looking for a roof replacement in Sydney tend to be attracted to the idea of a slate roof.

3. The fireproof qualities of Slate

Due to the natural properties of slate it is fireproof, unlike wood shingles, which are the earliest type of roofing in Sydney. Large fires that affect several different houses will usually go from one roof to the next, so home with slate rooms will have a natural built-in form of protection against fire.

The US National Slate Association conducted tests that found that a slate-tiled roof was able to withstand fire attacks, with no slate cracking, warping or braking no fire reached underneath the wood test deck covered in slate.

4. The unbeatable longevity of Slate

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By Slate roofing Sydney

One of the major arguments against slate is that it is expensive compared with other lesser roofing materials. However, what roofing material is there that comes quite often with a 100-year guarantee?

That type of guarantee is provided by many slate quarries, because they realize whenever a slate roof needs to be repaired, it isn’t due to the tiles, but instead is cause by the metal fastenings deteriorating or the substructure being worn. Slate is very durable and a natural recyclable type of roofing material. You can see stacks of slate tile sitting in yards in America and Europe, while the wood substructure of the roof is being replaced. Then the tiles are return to their original positions to serve for another century.

This examination of he top properly of slate clearly shows that if you are searching for a prestigious and beautiful product, that is fireproof and waterproof, then slate is definitely the answer. It is a beautiful thing that will practically last forever.