Guttering in the Narre Warren area

Here we have are having another look at gutter maintenance and ideas but this time we will be looking at what its like down in the Melbourne area. A big thanks to the guys at Roof Restoration Narre Warren for the help with this article.

At first glance cleaning guttering can seem like the simplest job in the world. Just climb a ladder and scoop the leaves and sticks out. But there are a few tips and tricks that make it and efficient.

Schedule it in

The longer you leave it the harder it is and the more damage it can create. We personally recommend at least once a year but twice a year is ideal. If you do happen to have a large storm it is also a good idea to give them a clean to remove an extra debris that has come along. If you leave an excessive amount of debris in your gutters it can lead to a host of problems including water flowing back into your home.

Get the right tools

You can make the job a lot more efficient by using tools such as the one pictured. You can find a range of different tools and your local hardware shop will have some too. I personally use one on the end of a pole as it makes the job easier on your back. Make sure you have a good quality ladder that is also non slip. Other things to consider are a good pair of gloves such as rigger gloves and a good spare of not slip shoes. I also use a leaf blower at times but this can also make a bit of a mess.

Safety first

It might be tempting to climb on the roof instead of reposition a ladder. However this can be very dangerous, take your time and reposition the ladder when necessary. Don’t overextend yourself. If you cannot reach an area of gutter without leaning away from the ladder then it’s a chance to move the ladder – and make certain the surface under the ladder legs is firm and therefore the ladder is placed firmly.

We hope this helps and as always if you need a professional and you are in the Melbourne area please contact the team at Roof Restoration Narre Warren.