How to Clean a Roof

Cleaning a roofAfter a few years, a roof becomes dirty because of natural debris, the build-up of moss, and harsh weather. To keep your roof in top condition, clean it regularly. You can clean it yourself. Or you can hire roof restoration professionals to clean your roof. In fact, moss damages roofs, so clean it as soon it appears.

If you are cleaning your own roof, here is how to do it.

1. Pressure Wash Your Roof

You can use a pressure washer to clean your roof.


Firstly, fill your pressure-washer with the recommended cleaning solution. For example, if there is black mold on your roof, use a cleaning solution that gets rids of this mold. It is easy to clean green moss. You can remove it with plain water.

Use a 35-degree spray wand because it distributes pressure over a wide area. And it does not remove the grit on the surface of asphalt shingles.

Secondly, wear shoes with soft and non-slip soles. Why? Because hard shoes can easily damage your roof. And non-slip shoes protect you from slipping, especially if your roof is wet and slanted. And use a ladder when climbing your roof. Place it at a point where you cannot damage the edge of your roof.

Thirdly, climb to the highest point of your roof. Then, set your pressure-washer to lowest setting. Use it to wash downward. Hold the pressure-washer wand up high because it allows some of the pressure to disperse. If you are cleaning a shingle roof, wash in the direction of the shingles. Why? The water will flow over the shingles.

Fourthly, if there are fungi on your roof, move the wand closer to the fungi to provide enough force. Turn the pressure incrementally until you are able to remove the fungi.

2. Natural Debris

It is easy to clean a roof with twigs, falling leaves, and other natural debris. If there are natural debris on your roof, use a broom or a blower to remove them. However, you must take the correct safety precautions before climbing your roof. If possible, remain on your ladder when removing the natural debris.

3. Moss

Most people love the visual effect of moss. However, moss causes long-term damage to any roof. In fact, it can cause roof leaks because it transfers moisture to the laths. If you see moss appearing on your roof, remove them immediately.

Removing moss on a roof is hard. And it is time-consuming because you will clean every affected part on your roof. Use a wire brush and a small trowel with a pointed end to clean the moss.

Start at the top of the roof. Scrape the moss away. And sweep the roof afterward with a brush to remove stubborn bits. Scrape the moss into a bucket. Then, dispose of the moss by throwing it in a bin.

These are the best ways of cleaning a roof.