Metal roof cleaning in Australia

Metal roof cleaning in Australia

# This post is for general information purposes only and does not take your individual roofing requirements into account. Cleaning any roofs can be a dangerous job and we highly recommend using a professional roofing company such as Roof Restoration South Adelaide. If you are the DIY type this roof safety is a great read before you get started

So you own a house with a metal roof and you want to save some money. Cleaning a roof can have one of the biggest impacts of the external appearance of your home with potentially one of the lowest costs. This can be very helpful when you are selling your property or just have a hard to please Mother in law that is coming over for Christmas. It also helps to improve the longevity of your metal roof and help you to identify any potential problems.

As I said before address the safety aspects and get your self the right gear including a harness and a good ladder. Also never get on a wet roof!

getting rid of mold and mildew may require that you use tri-sodium phosphate. It should be mixed with water in an appropriate manner. Ask your neighbourhood hardware store about the ideal mixture. Once you have completed this process inspect and make sure that all mold and mildew is gone then rinse the roof with clean water.

If you need to scrape off any peeling of lose paint try to be as gentle as possible, a hard bristled brush, a wire brush or even a flate blade putty knife will work. Try not to scratch the metal surface itself.

As a final step rent a pressure washer and wash the debris to the edge of the roof and over. If you have an extension house for your gernie this is perfect for the job. Start at the top of the roof so that the debris flows down away from the area you are cleaning. You may also want to consider repainting with the appropriate paint – once again professional advice is a great idea – then you can be assured that your metal roof will be as good as new.