Proper Maintenance Of Epoxy Floor Systems

If your industrial space or facility has epoxy floor coatings, you should be much aware of the appropriate procedures of caring and maintaining your specific flooring system. It’s vital to ensure appropriate maintenance of your epoxy flooring systems. There are different types of floors, and they all need adequate care to maintain its life, performance and appearance. With assistance from a professional polymer flooring installer, you can have the correct procedures and methods to maintain your specific flooring system. However, we’ve put together a few general tips you could use to take good care of your floors:

  • Regularly Sweeping and Washing Your Floor

With a mechanized sweeper or a soft-bristled broom, make sure to sweep your floors every day to prevent safety hazards and eliminate any foreign objects. Also, daily sweeping assists in extending your floor’s life span. In general, mopping your floors weekly will be enough to preserve the performance and appearance of your floor. You may need to pay more attention to heavy-duty and high-traffic areas. If need be, make use of a soft-bristled industrial floor scrubber.

  • Clean Spills Sooner than Later

Apart from posing a potential health hazard, spills can destroy your floor based on the nature of the particular liquid spilt. Based on the chemical resistance of your flooring, harsh solvents, caustics, and acids can destroy your floor coating and ought to be cleaned immediately.

  • Avoid Sharp Objects On Your Floor

On the market today, high-performance flooring provides some of the most suitable puncture and scratch resistance options. Even so, based on the situation, the occasional cut, scratch, or gouge can happen. It’s prudent that you try to avoid rolling, dragging or sliding potentially rough or sharp items, heavy equipment or pallets across your floors so that you can avert cutting and gouging. Maintaining the performance and appearance of your floor over the long haul is what you want if you’re a facility manager.

  • Treat Stains Appropriately

In contrast, high-performance epoxy flooring is much less probable to stain compared to standard floor coverings. If your flooring seems to be stained, however, treat the stains sooner than later. The most appropriate way you could treat your floor stains is by adhering to the instructions given by your floor coating manufacturer.

With these simple care tips, you’re in a position to preserve the great looks and the ideal value of your particular resinous flooring system over the long haul. If you would prefer a team of professionals to handle the work then look no further than the team at