Roof Restoration Newcastle’s Maintenance Tips

Frederik Fleck - Roof Restoration NewcastleA great deal of homeowners I talk to very carefully consider pros and cons prior to investing money and time into a roof. I would advise however, if you suspect there are any issues with your roof to have a roofing professional come and inspect your roof at the soonest. Problems with your roof can grow out of control into numerous other problems.

Roof restoration Newcastle is an example of a specialist roofing company that provides a professional inspection and restoration service. You will find their operation very professional and be pleased with dealing with them.

To help prevent needing a professional roofing company and carrying out a roof restoration every so many years, here I discuss some maintenance tasks that are doable if you are a little bit handy. If you are not handy or do not know what I’m talking about, don’t feel safe up a ladder or you’re uncomfortable with heights, please just call the roofing company.

If you take a moment to consider the actual role of your roof that it plays as part of a housing system, then you’ll realise it’s importance and the value it adds.

From your valuables and contents, to other components of your home’s structure, the roof is solely responsible in protecting it all.

Carrying out frequent inspections of your roof, both externally and internally, will assist you in identifying problems early, which will mean it will be less expensive to correct and less complicated to correct.

Gutter & Downpipe Systems

Look at your guttering systems and check for any pooling of water which can indicate a restricted water flow. Look around for a build up of leaves and other such debris that might cause water not to flow properly.

If you’re not comfortable up the ladder – wait until the next rainfall and if it is particularly heavy, watch your gutters for water overflowing. This can indicate if there’s any restriction to flow. If it is the case, give your roofing company a call or even a handyman will be happy to clean gutters.

Foreign Objects

Often kids play with their balls around the house and all too often the ball ends up stuck on the roof. Check and remove any such items. Foreign objects can obstruct the flow and dissipation of water allowing water to pool which can be destructive.

Also inspect for lichen, moss or algae – the presence of which may require a roof restoration to clean and remove. Detected early will make the roofers’ job easier which may possibly result in a cheaper bill for you.

Exposed Metal Roof Components

Check that all materials that are constructed from metal are covered with a generous coating of paint. Bare metal will corrode and rust, especially in the Newcastle region due to it’s proximity to the ocean.

Coast bare metal roofing components with some paint and maybe add 2 coats if you want to be generous.

Dislodged Tiles

If your roof is constructed from tiles, if you find any tiles that are dislodged see if you can shift them back to their correct position. Be careful when moving the tiles as to not move surrounding tiles. Any doubt in doing this, contact your local Newcastle roofer (or Hunter Valley or Lake Macquarie if your home is in either of those areas).

Metal Roofing

If your roof is constructed from metal, be it tin or colorbond roof, check for loose sheeting. For any sheets that are loose, see if you can secure it by fitting new screws where necessary. This could be getting a little more advanced so again, contact your roofer if in doubt.

Check your metal roof for rust also – a severely rusted roof maybe cause for a roof replacement.

Easy jobs such as those recommended above performed frequently, might save you thousands over the long term.

Please exercise extreme care when climbing up ladders and being on your roof, if you are in any way unsure consult your local roofer, in other words use your common sense and do not carry out tasks you are not capable of.