The Basics Of Cleaning Your Roof

Moss and algae can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Cleaning your roof is a good way to limit this damage and make your roof look new again. However, this is something that you should be very careful with because of the dangers that come with cleaning your roof.

Should You Do This Yourself?

Before you can look at the basics of cleaning your roof, you need to consider if this is something that you should do yourself. There are a lot of companies that offer roof cleaning services and you might want to consider hiring one of them. They will not only have the right equipment for the job, but they will also know the right safety procedures.

roof cleaning process

Analyze The Roof

If you are going to do this yourself, the first step will be to analyze the roof. You have to consider the roofing materials and the type of dirt you are cleaning. This will determine the method of cleaning that you should use.

Choosing The Right Cleaning Method

When it comes to choosing the right cleaning method, you need to focus first on the materials of your roof. The method of cleaning one material could cause further damage when used on a different one. Fortunately, most residential roofs have tiles and shingles which can be cleaned with a high-pressure washer.

When using the washer, you will need to have hot water to remove the dirt and other grime from the roof. If the pollutants on the roof remain, additional cleaning products should be used. This method can also be used when cleaning roof sheets.

If you have a slate roof, you need to be careful and should not use the same high-pressure. Slate is more fragile than other shingles and will break under the high pressure. Instead, you will need to use a low-pressure washer to avoid any damage.

If you have a thatch roof, you should not be using any water or pressure washing systems. With these roofs, a thin layer of the roof should be shaved off. This will remove the dirt and algae or moss immediately, but it is recommended that this is done by a professional.

Cleaning your roof is something that you will need to do at some point. However, this is something that you might want to hire a professional such as roof restoration Canberra for as it can be very dangerous. If you are going to do this yourself, you need to use the right methods for your roofing materials.